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fan timer auto count sensor switch

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Are you only thinking switches you forget switching off?
(Inconvenience in manually switching off everything, wasted electricity, nagging, contamination with germs on hands)

Inconvenience in manually
switching off everything
Unreached hands of our
short child or circumstances making it
hard to switch on light holding a baby.
Circumstances making it
hard to switch on light with injured hands

Are you not going to switch off light?

contamination with germs
on hands
Switches in the bathroom touched
by contaminated hands Switches in the
bathroom re-touched by washed hands
Switches in the bathroom touched by all my family

Old Switches

wasted electricity
Electric bills wasted with light switched on
Let’s resolve in one-off time

a nagging scolding
a once-in-a-lifetime nagging
The person who nags, the stress.
The listener's stress.

Knock on the door before enter
Inconvenience in knocking on the door to make sure
 someone is occupied in the bathroom all the time

Old Switches

What if they change to the “New Room”

The New Room

Do not touch my bathroom that is untouched
Experience convenience in immediate and automatic switching on-off

Our home beloved by our children
Good bye for fathers and mothers nagging me for unswitched light
Our home free from light on

Full popularity with the interior effect
Luxurious and plain white and grey color
combination that can go well with other design

Our hygienic home
Good bye for contamination around the wall paper
and protection from hand dirt germs

NO!  Knock ! Knock ! Knock- no more knock !!
Identifiability of indoor occupants from the outside
Without knocking on the door it is identifiable by blinking light
if the bathroom is occupied or unoccupied.

The new room- for the bathroom

Features of the New Room

The new room- wireless count sensors
Passing the sensors automatically triggers
the light and the ventilator on
Detecting occupants leaving the bathroom
triggers the light and the ventilator off

The New Room Switch
A controller to manually maneuver
and set a timer for a light and a ventilator.

Multi-functional the New Room

Automatically switching
     on/off a ventilator
Press the button of the ventilator then it works
for 30 mins and switch off
※ Timer configurable as much as users want

Light On/Off
Press the button of light it works
for 30 mins and switches off

Auto/Manual Function
Press this button converts to manual mode.
In manual mode sensors are inactive.
Press the button again then

Master Control Function
The master button can switch on/off
all lightings and ventilators

On  Light On
Flashing Mark

Indoor Occupant Identifiable Function
Function of Indoor Occupant Identifiable from the Outdoor
Without a knock it is easily noticeable if the bathroom is in use.
It is easily identifiable for occupation of the bathroom as light goes off in use.

The cutting-edge wireless sensor counts the number of occupants to control lighting and ventilators

More simpler and more convenient
4 X AA Batteries required for the wireless sensor
it warrants 1 year at the base of 50 times of switching
on/off lighting in the bathroom.

Easy Installation
Everybody can mount it with easy installation.

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