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3 new different storage bags

$ 7.00
Internet Lowest Price : $ 21
Min Order : 4285
Sale Term : 30.Nov.2020

Bags in Bag - 3 new stroage bags _BTPNS3
Product name :  3 kinds of storage bags
Brand : Bags in Bag
Product Number : BTPNS3
Color : Pink, Brown, Burgundy, Navy Blue
Origin : China
Material : Polyester 100%, Nylon 100% (water proofing fabrics)
Size : Small 260×200×110mm  Medium  310×270×110mm   Large  370×270×110mm
Front side consists of water-proof fabrics and back side consists of mesh textiles
Size comes in small, medium, larg.
It gives the benefit of easy identification through mesh textiles and tidy storage
Features of Bags in Bag
Excellent water proofing fabrics of Bags in Bag protect

belongings from ordor and moisture on travel and i

nsulate them from water   

Easy in taking advantage of space with thin and

light textiles and beloved by mutliple levels of maniacs 


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