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Cha All Facial Moisturizing pack

$ 40.00
Internet Lowest Price : $ 45
Min order : 50
Sale term : 14.Feb.2020

Bespoken Gongjindan prescriptions for the skin

Cha All Facial Moisturizing pack

The privilege of the skin delighted particularly for invaluable one’s own self

With a 20 year know-how every pill is made as a Gongjindan recipe Just easily affix

Come in an Gongjindan patch affixable to the skin from the oral Gongjindan

With healthy oriental medications compounded on its unique recipe shine more beautifully and brightly

Cha All Mask Pack SPECIAL CARE

Highly condensed nutritional ingredients filling up vitality

Including Gongjindan valid ingredients (Deer antlers/Angelica/ Corn oil/Elecampane)

Making your countenance shinier and firming your facial skin

Dual functional cosmetics in wrinkles/whitening

Dependable healthy ingredients

Free from the main 9 alleged harmful ingredients

Extracts from deer antlers, Angelica, Elecampane, Corn oil, Peony roots, Bedspread, Chamomile

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